Pease Farm offers year-round boarding on its 220-acre farm.

In summer, horses roam the field with full-time access to water, returning to their paddocks on client’s request. In winter, they are usually housed in pairs in paddocks with run-ins, or in stalls during bad weather.

Hay is home-grown on well-tended, fertilized hayfields, so our four-legged guests are assured of high-quality feed as well as fresh water and up to two quarts of grain per day.

Regular board

  • $450 / month
  • includes abundant summer pasture, and in winter, great hay, up to two quarts of grain daily, run-in or stall, and daily TLC

Deluxe board

  • $500/month
  • includes all of the above plus unlimited grain and bedding, daily turnout, blanketing and nightly stall

Boarding fees are payable in advance on the first of each month.