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Pease Farm offers Centered Riding lessons, which teach the classical principles of riding through the use of body awareness. Using techniques from the martial arts, as well as the use of images to access the right brain, Centered Riding answers the "how" when your instructor tells you "what" to do when riding your horse. Please link to centeredriding.org for the basic techniques of centering, breathing, skeletal balance (building blocks), soft eyes and grounding.

Owner and head instructor Sarah Seidman is a Level 3 Centered Riding instructor. Barn manager Susan Mitchell is a Level 1 instructor. Hunter/jumper specialist Chrissy Rohan and part-time dressage instructor Lila Bennett have both received training in Centered Riding techniques.

A private one-hour lesson is $50, semi-privates are $30 and larger groups are organized in consultation with the instructor.

Pease Farm offers year-round boarding on our 220-acre farm. In the summer, the horses live in spacious pastures with full-time access to water; they come to their paddocks or run-ins according to the client's request. In the winter, they live, usually in twosomes, in paddocks and come in to run-ins or stalls when the weather gets bad. We grow all our own hay on our well tended, fertilized hayfields, so the horses are assured of high-quality feed, as well as fresh water and up to two quarts of grain per day. Blanketing is by client request. Boarding is $375/month, payable on the 1st.

Pease Farm offers training from groundwork on up. We have a bright and beautiful 160'x70' indoor arena, an outdoor 200'x80' arena with an incredible view of the Green Mountains, a small dressage arena, a small cross country jump course, and a wood-sided round pen. We are primarily a teaching barn, so training fees are negotiated on an individual basis--please call Sarah at 1-802-223-4828 for more information.